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Keeping Hockey Alive for Our Nation’s Heroes

Burns Equipment DriveOver the holidays, Cathy’s Power Hour & Sharks Ice conducted an equipment drive in support of Brent Burns (Burnzie’s Battalion) and Defending the Blue Line charity (DTBL). The drive was in support of the children of our men and women who serve in the US Armed Forces. The goal was to make the (expensive) sport of hockey available to our nation’s heroes. The tally of new and used equipment was over 900 pieces, plus there were 300 jerseys/socks/misc. I was also able to link a partnership with Graf Canada and DTBL. Graf Canada donated 60 full sets of youth equipment — thanks Doug Ingraham for being the liaison. Sony PlayStation was a generous financial donator, as was Tom Dean. Marshall Jackson donated a large amount of the new equipment collected. I was very happy to donate all the roller hockey equipment to the Dream On Foundation. The charity drive was an overwhelming success thanks to you all, especially the Abene Family (Anthony brought the organization to me), Jr. Sharks, Cathy’s Power Hour Team, many volunteers, Sharks Ice employees, parents and many more.”

Thank you all for your time and support to help make this a success.
– Cathy Andrade


Read the San Jose Sharks Ice Press Release Here:

Burns Equipment Drive

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