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Dave Paulides, Parent of NCAA player and Client since 2009

“I was at a USA Hockey National conference when I heard a division one college coach state “If you can’t get to the puck first you won’t be a dominant player on the ice”. I remember coming back to San Jose and seeing Cathy giving power skating lessons and knew this was a key to a players long term success, that was 10 years ago. Ben (17) and Nicole (14) have been long time students of Cathy and it’s reaped huge rewards. Nicole is a two time California select player and plays AAA girls hockey. Ben was selected in the 2009 USHL draft (Youngstown Phantoms), placed on the protected list for the WHL Lethbridge Hurricanes and made the Westside Warriors BCHL team, all directly related to the skating skills he learned through Cathy’s innovative and progressive teaching methods. I have personally heard top scouts state that Ben is one of the best skating defenseman they’ve seen at the 91′ birth year, this is all thanks to Cathy Andrade!”

“2011 update: Ben just accepted a four year scholarship offer with Miami University for next fall. Miami University Hockey is ranked #7 of 50+ NCAA division one ice hockey programs. “Cathy’s years of patient and persistent training has paid off in huge dividends. I’m convinced that Ben would’ve never reached this level without her. The skills Cathy teaches are critical to hockey success; we are lucky to have her as a coach.”
-Dave Paulides (10 year client) 2009. News Story >>

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Ben Paulides exhibiting game winning skating form
“Ben Paulides exhibiting game winning skating form”