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Nicole Paulides, Player since 2003 (Prep School-Post Graduate)

“Cathy literally taught me to skate. I picked up ice hockey when I was ten years old and for eight years Cathy has been right there with me. Not only does she give impeccable technique and power skating insight, but it is blatantly evident that she does her homework. Bringing new ideas to the table, Cathy helps me recognize that I can never know enough about skating by teaching me the latest and greatest coming out of the hockey world. Ice hockey is a great sport, and each player needs a strong skating foundation to become a great player. Cathy does it all. From constructive feedback in high tempo lessons to individual critique in group clinics, Cathy Andrade’s power skating is how I got in on Division 1 hockey and where I am today."
- Nicole Paulides, Attending Cushing Academy (Prep School-Post Graduate) 2012/2013