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Carla Sorey-Reed, Parent and Client since 2005

"Cathy has been working with my son, Louie for over 5 years, from San Jose PeeWee AAA to LA Selects Bantam AAA, to Taft prep school and most recently, after working with Cathy this summer, Louie left to play Juniors with the Boston Bandits in the EJHL. Louie loves working with Cathy and as he has gotten older, he has realized more and more that skating is the most important skill for him as a hockey player. The refrain of all of his coaches has been simply stated “If you can skate, the skills will follow.” Cathy has an eagle eye as to where Louie is every time he comes home in terms of his physical development and his skating. She is supportive, yet pushes him to to go beyond his perceived limits. She knows what the skating expectations are at every level and she makes sure when he leaves home for a new level and challenge, he’s confident and ready in his skates. In Louie’s words, “Cathy is the constant. No matter where I go, Cathy makes sure I’m skating at or beyond the level I’m playing."
- Carla Sorey-Reed (client since 2005)