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Aris Samad-Yahaya

"Cathy, you and Sean have really made a difference in the last 6 months working on my hockey skills before the national team try-outs. In those 6 months, I improved significantly in my skating and hockey skills and I’m glad to say that not only did I make the Malaysian National Team, but I’m playing in a higher line and contributing much more to the team than I did previously. Looking back, I can see so many things that you and Sean did that really helped: The way you broke down skating into component skills that could be mastered, the constant feedback, the encouragement, even the feedback about selecting the right skates for me. The Malaysian National Team will be heading to Kazakhstan for the Asian Winter Games later this month which comes along once every four years. Hockey in Asia is definitely a growing sport with new NHL-sized and Olympic-sized rinks opening up in various countries. The IIHF introduced the annual Challenge Cup of Asia just a few years ago and Malaysia has been participating every year, winning a silver one year and a bronze in another. I can’t thank you two enough."
– Aris Samad-Yahaya