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Durgendra Panwar, Parent and client since 2008

"Our son Sahil, who will play Pee Wee AA Hockey in CAHA next Season, has been taking private lessons and power skating clinics with Cathy Andrade for about three years. This continuous training with Cathy has made Sahil a proficient and skillful youth hockey player that he is today. Sahil has been playing in some very competitive tournaments across North America and always receives positive recognition. Sahil recently accomplished a milestone as a 2002 birth year player during the Brick Super Novice 2012 tournament where he represented California’02 team and was also awarded a Game Star trophy.

Cathy puts a major emphasis on proper skating techniques, and her drills are designed to help Sahil apply those techniques in game-like situations. Cathy’s attention to details during lessons makes a huge difference because she wants players to learn it the right way. Cathy keeps challenging Sahil to achieve his full potential on the ice. Cathy has this unique ability to tailor her teaching style for each individual skater, even in a group setting for while working with a team or during special clinics. She has a gift of demonstrating the technical aspects of proper skating form and combining those skills towards each player’s own needs. Skating lessons with Cathy have helped improve Sahil’s skating timing and rhythm, stride length, edge-work, cross-over, etc. Cathy has a knack to observe each player’s individual skating style and develop a targeted approach that makes learning fun and effective.

Sahil loves being on the ice with Cathy, and he has become a better skater and all-around hockey player as a result. Being hockey parents for the past about 6+ years, we have “understood” and “appreciate” the importance of proper skating technique for hockey and we can vouch that there is no better technical and power skating coach than Cathy in our region.

Also, Cathy’s dedication and enthusiasm is unparallel that she passes onto her students as well. We would highly recommend Cathy Andrade for any player who wants to skate to his / her full potential and thus advance in the game of hockey. As parents, we are so “lucky” to have Cathy, a highly accomplished hockey skating coach working and mentoring our son, Sahil!!!"

- Durgendra (DK) & Parul Panwar

Parents of Sahil Panwar

San Jose, CA (Dated: 15th July 2012)

2015 Key Acquisitions:

Sahil Panwar F (From San Jose Sharks) He’s born in January of 2002. This is most definitely the best 02′ w have seen play. Not just in California but, even back east and in Canada. He’s got great size at 5’9″ and he’s an amazingly smooth skater and stick handler. He’s very, very polished and smooth.

We expect this kid to be a first round pick in the 2017 WHL draft. His shot is hard, his hands are soft, and he’s simply fun to watch. His strides are long

and smooth and he’s very close to Price with this top end speed. His skating reminds of Scott Neidermayer(effortless).  The only real knocks we have on him is he tries to take on multiple defensemen when other players are open and I still need to see more games of him now that he’s checking. He doesn’t seem to like contact although he’s not scared of it either. This kid has a ton of potential and is already a top 4 forward on the 2001 Jr. Kings team.