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Jim & Christy Lofink, Parent and Client Since 2004

We are so fortunate to have Cathy teach our son, Alex, how to skate well.  He's been taking lessons from Cathy for about 9 years.  Initially, he skated as if his feet were shuffling along invisible railroad tracks on the ice.  The best advice we were given when he was a Mite was to invest in skating lessons and the best in Northern California is Cathy Andrade and her team.  

Cathy's expertise has been invaluable in teaching our son proper skating techniques (e.g. body position, deep edges, long strides, fast stopping and quick seamless transitions in changing directions) and she is the key reason why he's improved.  No matter what skating level a player is at, Cathy makes you better.   

Now because of Cathy's phenomenal instruction, he can minimize the energy he exerts while maximizing his speed in hockey games.  Through taking lessons with Cathy, Alex's skating has become so cohesively natural and instinctual that he doesn't have to think about what he wants his feet to do in a hockey game, he just does it.     

During a 2013 CAHA game weekend, the Head High School Coach of a prestigious college prep school back east was scouting players.  He told Alex, "Your skating sets you apart from everyone else on the ice.  I want you to play for my team next year."  Alex wouldn't have had this opportunity and other opportunities that have come up in hockey if it wasn't for Cathy. 2015 Update: Alex is playing in the USPHL Elite Division for the Boston Junior Bruins.

We truly appreciate all the expert tips and techniques Cathy has given Alex on how he can skate his best.  Thank you, Cathy!
- Jim & Christy Lofink, Parent and Client Since 2004