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Tatjana Tikhonov - former player (early 90’s)- Head Coach & Owner of Tikhonov Training Camp

"My brother Viktor and I have been taking skating lessons from Coach Cathy since we moved to California in the early 90s, when my father was a coach for the San Jose Sharks. He saw the impact that Cathy had on our skating and made sure we always worked with her and on her drills when we were skating in a public session. Skating is one of the main ingredients to any successful development for players in the game of hockey. My father believed that and so do I. Having Cathy coach us throughout the years had immensely improved our skating and I use her drills till this day. My brother and I even named a skating drill in Cathys honor called Cathy’s Drill. As a coach I have had Cathy come out to my practices to help my teams out and we have benefited so much from her teachings. As owner of Tikhonov Training Camp I only want the best Power Skating coach in my camps. I am thankful that Coach Cathy has been able to be such a big part of my camps and for all that she has taught my brother and I."

Coach Tatjana “Tiki” Tikhonov, owner of Tikhonov Training Camp
Granddaughter of the late Soviet Coach Viktor Tikhonov
Daughter of the late NHL Coach Vasili Tikhonov
Sister of NHL 1st round draft pick, Team Russia Olympian Viktor Tikhonov
Instagram: #TikhonovTrainingCampHockeyTiki     Twitter: @HockeyTiki