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Robby Jackson, St.Cloud State University Huskies, NCAA- Client since 2013

"Midway through my second year in the USHL, my coach and I were reminiscing about a showcase he had seen me at. We talked about how ‘a player with terrible feet but good hands’ had caught his eye from my old club, the Santa Clara Blackhawks. It took about ten seconds for us to realize that player was me. He said my skating had completely changed since then. I got to know Cathy at a camp when I was 10 years old and started working with her personally when I was 15. Everything from my edges to stride to transitions, Cathy has elevated my skating to the level it needs to be to play college hockey and beyond.  When I come back in the off-season I make it a point to work with her to keep my skating sharp."

Robby Jackson-St. Cloud State University Huskies, NCAA. 2013-14 USHL Rookie of the Year, setting a record for most goals in a season in the league by a 16-year-old (28)-client since 2013