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Cathy and her coaches teach private lessons taht are in-depth, customized, and focused on technical training width proven techniques since 1984
Cathy is the Junior Sharks, Santa Clara Blackhawks and Springfield Junior Blues Power Skating coach.
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Power Hour: Our mission is to train and develop the next crop of top NCAA hockey and NHL athletes. To accomplish that, we focus on developing dominant power skating abilities in all of our students. We believe superior power skating is by far the most significant competitive advantage, and that adding this skill of our athlete's arsenal is the highest calling of our profession.

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"Cathy, you and Sean have really made a difference in the last 6 months working on my hockey skills before the national team try-outs. In those 6 months, I improved significantly in my skating...

— Aris Samad-Yahaya Read More →

We are so fortunate to have Cathy teach our son, Alex, how to skate well.  He's been taking lessons from Cathy for about 9 years.  Initially, he skated as if his feet were&...

— Jim & Christy Lofink, Parent and Client Since 2004 Read More →

“I’ve been skating with Cathy since I was 5 years old, starting at Golden State hockey camp. My dad, a professional coach, recognized the value of working with her and how she...

— Viktor Tikhonov, Grandson of Legendary Coach Read More →

“I met Cathy while we were working the same hockey school and was very impressed with her knowledge and expertise as well as her professionalism on the ice. I firmly believe that the foundati...

— Rob Zettler, Head Coach, Syracuse Crunch AHL Read More →

“I have been taking lessons from Cathy since I was a squirt player. I know whenever I step on the ice, even now, there are things that I do that I learned from her. Her power skating techniqu...

— Dalton Speelman, NCAA Player and Client since 2000 Read More →

"Cathy has been working with my son, Louie for over 5 years, from San Jose PeeWee AAA to LA Selects Bantam AAA, to Taft prep school and most recently, after working with Cathy this summer, Lou...

— Carla Sorey-Reed, Parent and Client since 2005 Read More →

“Cathy literally taught me to skate. I picked up ice hockey when I was ten years old and for eight years Cathy has been right there with me. Not only does she give impeccable technique and po...

— Nicole Paulides, Player since 2003 (Prep School-Post Graduate) Read More →

My daughter, Angelina, attended a hockey camp in British Columbia this summer. They were working on skating drills the whole first session, many of them very similar to stuff you do with her. ...

— Julie Cruzal, Parent and Client of Sean Read More →