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Player Testing & Evaluation

Cathy’s Power Skating has developed a skating evaluation protocol that allows students to see their personal progress as well as compare their results anonymously with other students within their birth year.  At the beginning of each hockey season, students’ quickness, power and agility are tested via hockey specific drills and patterns.  Each drill is scored objectively using times and/or distances.  At the end of the hockey season, the test is repeated and scores are compared to the pre- season test.  Variables which may affect post-season scores include but are not limited to:  frequency and duration of private lessons, team practices and games plus students’ individual effort outside of structured instruction to self improve.

CPH Drill Testing

Our clientele testing covers all the skills needed for hockey success ~ SPEED, QUICKNESS, AGILITY/MOBILITY, and FWDS & BWDS SKATING.

Clientele Testing Criteria:

  1. Forward Speed Test- start with a quick start on the goal line, through the 1st blue line
  2. Forward Power Test- top speed in the neutral zone
  3. Tight Turn Test- An agility test called the “Bow Tie Drill”, it starts and ends on the face-off dot
  4. Reverse Turn Test- an agility test called the “Mirror Drill”, it starts and ends at the hash mark and tests fwd/bwd on both sides
  5. Mohawk/Crossover Test- a mobility drill called the “2/2 MX Drill”, starts and ends on the hash mark, complete 2x’s both ways
  6. Stops & Starts- Blue to Red, 4 stops, ends with full speed through the red
  7. Quick Starts- a quickness test from Blue to Red
  8. Backwards Speed Test- test starts goal line to 1st blue line

CPH's Top Testers - by birth year