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What the Players Say

Robby Jackson, St.Cloud State University Huskies, NCAA- Client since 2013

"Midway through my second year in the USHL, my coach and I were reminiscing about a showcase he had seen me at. We talked about how ‘a player with terrible feet but good hands’ had caught his eye from my old club, the Santa Clara Blackhawks. It took about ten seconds for us to realize that player was me. He said my skating had completely changed since then. I got to know Cathy at a camp when I was 10 years old and started working with her personally when I was 15. Everything from my edges to stride to transitions, Cathy has elevated my skating to the level it needs to be to play college hockey and beyond.  When I come back in the off-season I make it a point to work with her to keep my skating sharp."

Robby Jackson-St. Cloud State University Huskies, NCAA. 2013-14 USHL Rookie of the Year, setting a record for most goals in a season in the league by a 16-year-old (28)-client since 2013


Viktor Tikhonov, Grandson of Legendary Coach

“I’ve been skating with Cathy since I was 5 years old, starting at Golden State hockey camp. My dad, a professional coach, recognized the value of working with her and how she could improve my game. Her skating advice has helped me get to where I am today: the Russian Superleague and NHL draft prospect.  Her coaching has been a significant part in my development as a hockey player and I continually review what I have learned from her.”
- Viktor Tikhonov, Grandson of the legendary coach Viktor Tikhonov.

Vik was selected as a first round 2008 NHL Draft pick to play for the Phoenix Coyotes!
2013-15 He played for the SKA St. Petersburg of the Kontinental Hockey League.
2014- Russia Olympic Team and Gold metal 2014 IIHF World Championships
2015- Chicago Blackhawks
2016- Phoenix Coyotes

Dylan Dix, Northern Cyclones, NCDC- Client Since 2005

I have been skating with Cathy since I began playing competitive hockey. Her focus on technique and form have helped me greatly over the years. She has done an amazing job growing the lessons as I grew as a player. In midgets I had a knee injury that sidelined me for almost 6 months. Cathy was a huge part in my recovery and return to the game. She has helped me increase my speed and agility to allow me to succeed at the junior level. 

-2013 WHL Draft Pick Moose Jaw Warriors, 2014 USHL Draft Pick Muskegon Lumberjacks, 2014-15 Keystone Ice Miners NAHL Affiliate player, 2015-16 Corpus Christie IceRays NAHL , 2016-17 Winkler Flyers MJHL/Thief River Falls Norskies SIJHL, 2017-18 Northern Cyclones NCDC
-Dylan Dix, Northern Cyclones, NCDC- Client Since 2005

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Matt Audet, Division III hockey for Western New England University in the ECAC Northeast, Client Since 2001

I started taking skating lessons from Cathy when I was 8 years old and her guidance has helped my game tremendously.  Today’s coaches value a player’s skating ability more than ever.  Junior and college coaches do not have the time to teach their players how to skate. She taught me how to be agile and balanced as well as how to use my size for stride and speed. I credit my success in hockey to Cathy’s coaching as I enter my freshman year at the college level.
Matt Audet, Division III hockey for Western New England University in the ECAC Northeast, Client Since 2001

Dylan VanderEsch, NCAA Collegiate Player - SUNY Potsdam and Client since 2004

"Being a good skater has become such an important skill to have in hockey today. I am able to beat the opposition with speed while using my edges and staying strong on my skates, I owe that to Cathy. She has been instrumental to my development as a player".

Dylan started skating at 4 and has been coached by Cathy since 2004. He was a Jr. Shark player from Squirt A - 18AAA and  was selected for the NAPHL Academic team in 2011-2012. Dylan also, began playing Jr A hockey for the Hartford Jr. Wolfpack in the 2012-2013 season where he lead his team in scoring the second season 2013-14. Currently Dylan is playing college hockey starting next year at SUNY Potsdam, located in upstate New York.
- Dylan VanderEsch, NCAA Collegiate Player - SUNY Potsdam and Client since 2004

Nicole Paulides, Player since 2003 (Prep School-Post Graduate)

“Cathy literally taught me to skate. I picked up ice hockey when I was ten years old and for eight years Cathy has been right there with me. Not only does she give impeccable technique and power skating insight, but it is blatantly evident that she does her homework. Bringing new ideas to the table, Cathy helps me recognize that I can never know enough about skating by teaching me the latest and greatest coming out of the hockey world. Ice hockey is a great sport, and each player needs a strong skating foundation to become a great player. Cathy does it all. From constructive feedback in high tempo lessons to individual critique in group clinics, Cathy Andrade’s power skating is how I got in on Division 1 hockey and where I am today."
- Nicole Paulides, Attending Cushing Academy (Prep School-Post Graduate) 2012/2013

Dalton Speelman, NCAA Player and Client since 2000

“I have been taking lessons from Cathy since I was a squirt player. I know whenever I step on the ice, even now, there are things that I do that I learned from her. Her power skating techniques, the importance she places on using edges properly and the skills she teaches to improve footwork have all influenced my skating. I know her training has been a major contributor to my success in hockey. No matter what your current skating level, Cathy will be able to improve it.” Dalton was a San Jose Jr. Shark 18 AAA 4-time USA Hockey National Select player.
- Dalton Speelman, University of New Hampshire Wildcats, NCAA, Client Since 2000

Dalton is currently playing in for the University of New Hampshire Wildcats. News Story >>

Dalton Speelman