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GRAF – Fit to Win

“For more than 70 years, GRAF has focused on manufacturing equipment for athletes around the world who recognize that fit is the key to function and performance. Today, we strive to combine our knowledge of fit with innovative materials and a dedication to craftsmanship unlike any other, applying our unique mix to a range of high-performance hockey gear made just for you.”

Cathy’s Power Skating is a big believer in using a quality skate and the contribution it makes to stride mechanics. CPH coaches use Graf skates, Graf equipment and Graf sticks because we believe it contributes to a player’s success. CPH regularly hosts equipment seminars to educate players on the importance of skate fitting and how equipment can enhance performance.

Mechanics of Skating & Skate Fitting (pdf)



Firstar Logo

FIRSTAR – Performance Apparel

FIRSTAR Performance Apparel was created out of the desire to achieve the highest level of quick dry, anti-bacterial fabric in the world of sport. Our pro athletes demanded stylish, fashion orientated clothing combined with our breakthrough performance technology. You don’t have to sacrifice style for performance at FIRSTAR.



MIKE POTENZA- S.J. Sharks Strength and Conditioning Coach

I have been the strength and conditioning coordinator for the San Jose Sharks for 7 seasons.  I am responsible for the in-season and off-season physical performance programming, rehabilitation and regeneration training for each member of the Sharks organization (Amateur, AHL and NHL players).  I have been fortunate enough to work with all competitive levels of hockey in the area of Strength and Conditioning.  It has become very important in my training philosophy to establish a specific developmental plan for a young athlete.  Establishing a solid Physical foundation will improve strength and speed gains and reduce the potential for injury.   It’s been great to take Development to a higher level with Cathy Andrade’s teaching and develop specific off-ice and on-ice training programs to help NHL players improve the skill of skating.  Your off-ice training should compliment what you do on the ice in the areas of speed, strength, balance, conditioning and coordination.  Cathy provides the players that I work with in the off-season with specific drills that improve weaknesses and strength in single leg positions.

More about Mike Potenza Strength & Conditioning Program here.

Strengthen and develop great training habits for your skating mechanics with these 3 OFF-ICE EXERCISES.

Train with the S.J. Sharks Strength and Conditioning Coach, Mike Potenza.

CPH off-ice 1:

CPH off-ice 2:

CPH off-ice 3:




Check out Bay Area Hockey Repair shop, they can help with anything hockey equipment related, and they can fix it up too!



Black Dog Enterprises Logo

ANDY DICKERSON – Black Dog Enterprises

Black Dog Enterprises is Northern California’s premier source for multimedia solutions.  We have years of experience producing live sports broadcasts, recording them to DVD and streaming worldwide to the delight of viewers at all corners of the globe.  Our recruiting and scouting video services continue to help a growing number of Bay Area athletes advance to higher levels of competition.  Our slick highlight reels immortalize individuals’ and teams’ fantastic performances for them to enjoy for years to come.  Here’s a more in-depth description of the wide array of high-end sports services we can provide you with, including:

  • Live Sports Coverage – Single or Multi-Camera coverage of youth and adult sporting events, complete with insightful live audio commentary and dynamic in-line graphics
  • Recruiting DVDs – Video “calling cards” that combine isolated-camera footage, player and coach interviews, music, statistics and graphics to showcase a player’s talents for college recruiters
  • Skills Assessment Videography – Capturing of skill-specific drills in open or private practice settings for personal skills analysis or for upload to national scouting service websites
  • Highlight Reels – Editing of game footage for individual players or entire teams from a weekend’s action or a select number of games for personal enjoyment or distribution to scouts

Please visit our website at for more information and contact us directly at for a free consultation.



Eric Hofberg Logo

ERIC HOFFBERG – Mind Coach - Mental Toughness Trainer – Former Hockey Coach

Eric has written a book on strength training for the mind called THINK STRONG for AthletesTHINK STRONG Reminders, is another book that Eric brings  focus to an entire approach to life that centers on how to manage thought choice in a High Quality Way. I have worked with many coaches during my career since 1984 and Eric is one of the most inspirational, dedicated and qualified ones. He has worked with minor, prep school, collegiate, and professional athletes. He has also worked with athletes that have been Olympians, with National Champions and with many that deserve star recognition just for the way they achieved their own personal dreams. Eric has spent time in a coaching role working on Leadership Training, Culture Building and High Quality Mind Management with leaders and executives at Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Union Bank, Marriott Hotels, ADP, Canada Post, the F.D.A., and with Special and Elite Forces in both the military and in law enforcement, just to name a few.
Follow on Twitter @EricHoffberg – (cool focus points every day)
Hoffberg Link



JASON PORTMAN – Sports Photography

Hockey dad, player and photography enthusiast since childhood–Jason has a rare and unique ability to capture hockey through a lens. Beyond the action shots, the victory shots, and coach’s huddles, Jason has an instinct for photographing hockey behind the scenes. CPH regularly goes to Jason for these shots because — as our students well know — we hold in high regard what happens in between games. Jason’s son has been playing since 2008.

To purchase his photographs, or to hire him, email him at:




Dr. Ted H. Omura, DC, QME

Score Clinic Dr. Ted H. OmuraDr. Omura is the founder of SCORE Clinic in 1998. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology at UCLA. He completed his graduate education at Palmer College of Chiropractic West to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

He continued his post-graduate education to become a certified chiropractic sports physician, a strength and conditioning specialist, and a qualified medical examiner. Dr. Omura has been practicing chiropractic for thirteen years. He is also certified in Active Release Technique, Graston Technique and Kinesio Taping

An accomplished martial artist for 15 years, Dr. Omura also works closely with many MMA Fighters as well as Ernie Reyes’ West Coast Martial Art Studios, Cung Le’s Martial Arts Training Centers, Ultimate Fighting Championship Fighters, and Unlimited Kickboxing.  In addition to martial arts, he treats many San Jose Sharks Players and other local pro atheletes.  He also works with several local high school sports teams.

Score Clinic



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