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What is Power Hour?

Becoming a strong skater is the main ingredient to ensuring a player’s overall success in hockey.

Cathy’s Power Skating program will help boost your speed, enhance your agility and improve your balance to reach your maximum power skating potential.

Cathy’s Power Hour (CPH) is a series of High Intensity Coaching Sessions that have been designed specifically for current and aspiring competitive hockey players. CPH develops fundamentally sound skaters that can play at the highest level and be impact players. CPH coaches are trained with Cathy’s proven techniques acquired over a 27 year coaching career. By learning the proper skating process, with proper stride, balance, edge control, etc., the player will achieve the end result of speed and quickness. Improving ones skating has obvious results like effectiveness – greater speed with less output of energy and efficiency – improved stamina due to productive energy use.

Leveraging over 30 years of coaching experience and a comprehensive understanding of the game, Cathy offers a unique perspective on the how-to’s of power skating. These essential and necessary techniques will ultimately become an integral part of your game.

In-Depth Coaching

Cathy provides each student with in-depth, personalized coaching to improve and build upon the student’s current skill set. Her technical breakdown analyzes strengths and weaknesses to develop tailored made programs to allow players at all levels to see immediate results at a manageable pace.

Terms like skate faster, shoot harder, and have more agility are all end results. A player who is told to “skate faster” doesn’t learn what is preventing them from achieving more speed. But a player who is shown how to fully extend their stride in the optimal direction is equipped with the tools and methods to increase their overall body speed, while also improving their efficiency, which ultimately leads to more speed while using less energy.

How is CPH different from other programs?

CPH is focused strictly on improving and refining the most critical aspect of the game of hockey- SKATING. While CPH is not the only camp to make skating the focus, CPH is different because Cathy and her entire CPH staff are all on the same page when it comes to technique and mechanics; this consistent and repetitive feedback, makes a deference to the overall success of CPH players. Power Hour coaches don’t tell players to “skate faster” which would be like a school teacher saying “be smarter”, but rather they teach HOW to skate faster.

What skills and knowledge should my player expect to learn from the CPH clinic?

Players that attend CPH learn skills and techniques using real applications to becoming a better hockey player. CPH is not about sending skaters through endless drills as there is no point in sending a skater with poor technique only to reinforce their current (poor) technique and habits – perfecting imperfection. CPH philosophy is that “you can’t change or fix mechanics at full speed in the middle of a hockey game”. CPH is committed to teaching skaters HOW to perform hockey skating maneuvers such as cross-overs, tight turns, transitions, stops and quick starts. CPH players leave with drills that they can practice on their own to continue their improvement because they will understand HOW and WHY.

What makes CPH so successful that each class has been full since inception in 1998?

CPH is successful in making players better skaters; this is why it has been full since its inception. Parents continue to bring their skaters back to CPH because they see the improvement that occurs in just one CPH class series, and how that improvement carries over to team practices and games. CPH truly focuses on quality of skill drills and not quantity of laps around the rink. Refining mechanics and muscle memory is our secret to success.

How large are the groups, what type of instruction can we expect and what is the length/format?

A full CPH session is between 24-30 skaters (depending on the skill levels) with 3 coaches and 1 to 4 assistant coaches. Our one hour sessions are effective because the detailed quality training is not compromised with fatigue or lost attention spans. While each class varies based on the skill focus, a typical CPH class features both full-ice and smaller space drills. Classes usually begin with group instruction led by Cathy with the other coaches providing individual assistance and player feedback. This is followed by the class being split into three smaller groups and working in each of the three zones of the rink. The three groups rotate through the zones and instructors, each developing a different skill, with CPH technique always being top priority.

What levels are offered?

  • In-house Mite to Bantam
  • Travel hockey players Mite to Bantam
  • Adult
  • High School
  • 16-18AAA/Jr. player/Collegiate (by invitation only)

How can we get on the CPH email list?

  • You can sign up by contacting Cathy and her staff directly here to sign up for the next available class.
  • There’s also an email sign-up list conveniently located on the front page