Off-Ice Training Facility 2018


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"The importance of supplementing off-ice training with your on-ice training can't be overstated. Growing up, I remember being in my backyard honing my skills by shooting thousands of pucks. The tools at EXTRA HOUR allow you to practice and receive elite coaching; this is invaluable to   any hockey player looking to take the next step!"      

- SCOTT HANNAN, San Jose Sharks Alumni 


Cathy’s Power Skating feels that the best way to describe our expansion would be to hear it directly from some of the coaches that will make it a success!


“When I walked into this expansive 1915 industrial space, with it's energizing vibe, I knew that it would be the home for Northern California’s first off-ice training facility- EXTRA HOUR. Our vision is to expand the available training offerings that are required to complete each athlete’s training. Our program helps any player reach their highest possible potential!”
- CATHY ANDRADE - Owner & Operator

"There are a lot of on-ice skills that can be improved without needing to be on actual ice.  The best players improve their skills by working on them away from their team-focused practices.  Shooting, stickhandling, and conditioning are all able to be developed on your own, making you a better player when with your team."
- SEAN CASTAGNA - Lead Power Hour Coach

"As a player, I spent hours on end shooting pucks anywhere I could: driveways, tennis courts, baseball backstops, you name it. That dedication to off-ice practice helped me develop into an NCAA hockey player. I would've loved to have had access to a facility like Extra Hour when I was growing up. Extra Hour has all of your off-ice training needs under one roof and the tools necessary for athletes to hone their skills and gain the competitive edge they need."
- MATT GUFFEY - 18AAA Head Coach

 “I had the opportunity to use a skating treadmill when I was playing in the USHL for the Chicago Steel. It is a fantastic tool to teach stride mechanics and work on conditioning. Extra Hour offers something that players in the Bay Area need and is a great resource for Athlete Development. Gains on the ice are made off the ice, players who utilize the facility will see improvement in their on-ice performance!”
- MIKE JANDA - 16AAA Head Coach & Director of Coaches 

"Extra hour is the facility that has been missing in this area for quite some time. For skaters and Goalies this will be a huge asset to those who truly want to get better. Technology meets training here, and this facility is like nothing in the area".
- NICK CAFRELLI - Owner/ Head instructor of Tendy Goalie School 

Extra Hour will be open by appointment only for phase 1.

 For pricing and scheduling contact a coach directly.  


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JUSTIN ALONZO  [email protected]  (408) 644-4689
NICK CAFRELLI  [email protected]  (408) 836-3277
SEAN CASTAGNA  [email protected]  (408) 828-6970
ILYNN DEFREITAS  [email protected]  (408) 472-0677
MATT GUFFEY  [email protected]  (703) 459-0227
MIKE JANDA  [email protected]  (630) 621-6311