Off-Ice Training Facility 2018


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"The importance of supplementing off-ice training with your on-ice training can't be overstated. Growing up, I remember being in my backyard honing my skills by shooting thousands of pucks. The tools at EXTRA HOUR allow you to practice and receive elite coaching; this is invaluable to   any hockey player looking to take the next step!"      

- SCOTT HANNAN, San Jose Sharks Alumni                                       

EXTRA HOUR practice lane appointments are now available!


$40/hour for a single shooting lane or we also offer double shooting lane options for 1-3 players.

$55/hour for oversized & boarded goalie training area for 1-3 players.




Please note! We also offer private lessons at EXTRA HOUR. Contact a coach from the list below. When you book a lesson with one of our coaches, the coach will reserve the lane for you.

For team training & pricing please contact [email protected]


JUSTIN ALONZO  [email protected]  (408) 644-4689
NICK CAFRELLI  [email protected]  (408) 836-3277
SEAN CASTAGNA  [email protected]  (408) 828-6970
ILYNN DEFREITAS  [email protected]  (408) 472-0677
MATT GUFFEY  [email protected]  (703) 459-0227
MIKE JANDA  [email protected]  (630) 621-6311

CATHY'S POWER SKATING feels that the best way to describe our expansion would be to hear it directly from some of the coaches that will make it a success!


“When I walked into this expansive 1915 industrial space, with it's energizing vibe, I knew that it would be the home for Northern California’s first off-ice training facility- EXTRA HOUR. Our vision is to expand the available training offerings that are required to complete each athlete’s training. Our program helps any player reach their highest possible potential!”
- CATHY ANDRADE - Owner & Operator

"There are a lot of on-ice skills that can be improved without needing to be on actual ice.  The best players improve their skills by working on them away from their team-focused practices.  Shooting, stickhandling, and conditioning are all able to be developed on your own, making you a better player when with your team."
- SEAN CASTAGNA - Lead Power Hour Coach

"As a player, I spent hours on end shooting pucks anywhere I could: driveways, tennis courts, baseball backstops, you name it. That dedication to off-ice practice helped me develop into an NCAA hockey player. I would've loved to have had access to a facility like Extra Hour when I was growing up. Extra Hour has all of your off-ice training needs under one roof and the tools necessary for athletes to hone their skills and gain the competitive edge they need."
- MATT GUFFEY - 18AAA Head Coach

 “I had the opportunity to use a skating treadmill when I was playing in the USHL for the Chicago Steel. It is a fantastic tool to teach stride mechanics and work on conditioning. Extra Hour offers something that players in the Bay Area need and is a great resource for Athlete Development. Gains on the ice are made off the ice, players who utilize the facility will see improvement in their on-ice performance!”
- MIKE JANDA - 16AAA Head Coach & Director of Coaches 

"Extra hour is the facility that has been missing in this area for quite some time. For skaters and Goalies this will be a huge asset to those who truly want to get better. Technology meets training here, and this facility is like nothing in the area".
- NICK CAFRELLI - Owner/ Head instructor of Tendy Goalie School