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Cathy’s Power Hour is a series of high intensity coaching sessions that have been created specifically for current and aspiring competitive hockey players. Our coach-to-player ratio and small group format is designed to give all players an in-depth personalized experience with immediate feedback. This approach makes reinforcing the skills very effective. Each player can see immediate results at a manageable pace. Our technical breakdown of skills analyzes strengths and weaknesses, so we can formulate a tailor-made program. 

Power Hour's philosophy is reflected in its curriculum. Our progressive teaching style has three phases. Phase one is foundation strengthening: balance, edges, posture, body control, stride mechanics for forward & backward skating. Phase two is maneuverability based: mobility, agility, transition, stops and starts, & escape/deking. Phase three is the ultimate goal: game speed with instinctual movements. 

Terms like ‘skate faster’, ‘shoot harder’, and ‘have more agility’ are all end results. A player who is told to 'skate faster' doesn’t learn what is preventing them from achieving more speed.  During our Power Hour series, each skater will come away with not only the skills of being a better hockey skater, but also the understanding of each technique and how it applies directly to their game. Ultimately, we want them to be inspired and challenged to put into practice what they’ve learned.

Remember, a hockey game is not the time or place for working on improving skating skills, establishing technique or changing habits. This is why players need to get the leading edge and skill train with Power Hour!

“The foundation of hockey, and critical to injury prevention, is mastery of your edges so balance, agility, mobility, and speed can be achieved with proper technique and training. That's what Cathy's Power Hour has been doing in Norcal for over 25 years, and the results speak for themselves. There are hundreds of hockey players, both boys and girls, who have taken their game to the next level because of Cathy's skating techniques and lessons. Cathy's passion and spirit coupled with her ability to teach and connect with her students is second to none.”

                                                                                                 - JAMIE BAKER, San Jose Sharks Alumni


Power Hour Coaching Team have been trained and aligned in their technical instruction.
This provides players with the same consistent mechanical and instructional lesson from series to series.