Power Hour


Leading Edge Technical Hockey Instruction

  • What is Power Skating?

Becoming a strong skater is a key ingredient to ensure player’s overall success in hockey.

Establishing proper hockey stride mechanics and correct posture are directly linked with power and speed, yielding efficacy and efficiency on the ice. Said succinctly by Bill Guerin, "If you're using improper technique quickly, all it means is you'll go nowhere faster". Power skating teaches proper edge utilization so that edge movement becomes instinctual, adding natural agility, while playing the game. Body position is key for strong grip and balanced lean, skills that ultimately result in players having tight, quick movements. As the game gets faster, the spaces get smaller! 

Cathy’s Power Skating gives players the skating foundation in which all other hockey game skills can be built. As the pioneer of the first power skating program in the San Francisco Bay Area, we focus on a repetitive and progressive training style to ensure consistent skill development. We aim to establish the biomechanics of proper muscle movement with intentional skill drills, so that each of our hockey players embodies these attributes as they develop and evolve. 


Explore the elite skating opportunities offered in the Bay Area by Cathy and her team.