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"Cathy's dedication to the fundamentals of hockey and the sport itself is nothing short than inspirational. I have had the pleasure of working with Cathy for a number of years and her attention to detail makes a major difference in how our players and coaches approach the game. Skating really is the key element that separates the great from the good and Cathy's approach makes that a reality for our team.
- SPENCER MAINS, Head Coach, Stanford Hockey Club, PAC-8 ACHA Division 2

"As a player, I started with Cathy at 5 years old. Now as a professional coach in the NHL, I still use the same concepts and techniques to develop our players for the NHL that Cathy taught me starting from a young age. Skating ability is such an important part of the game - from generating offense, to playing defense, to battles on the wall. The tools she's able to teach players will make them better in all aspects of the game, not just getting up and down the ice quickly."
- NOAH SEGALL, NHL Video Coach, Edmonton Oilers 

“Cathy has been a tremendous asset to the Jr. Sharks organization. She works with a majority of our 26 teams and continues to improve and impress our players with her knowledge and improvement of their individual skating abilities. As an organization, we place a great deal of focus on skating, and having the best power skating coach in the Bay Area, in our building, is a luxury our club has the benefit of enjoying! Cathy is not only a great individual, private skating coach but she does a great job of teaching in the team setting as well.”
- MIKE JANDA, U of Wisconsin-Stout Men's Hockey Assistant Coach

"Having Cathy work with my team this season was a key factor to their success. She worked with the coaches to identify areas of improvement for each player and used her repertoire of drills and techniques to make each player a more efficient and effective skater. I feel very fortunate to have an instructor with Cathy’s background and experience as our club’s power skating coach."
- STEVE GUTIERREZ, Head Coach Bellarmine College Prep

“As a hockey coach, you always want your players to be stronger skaters than their opponents. Cathy has been able to refine my players skating abilities over the years by identifying and concentrating on each players’ individual needs. I highly recommend Cathy as a hockey power skating coach, as I have seen the results personally.”
- JOHN MCNULTY, Former AAA Midget Coach

“Cathy has been an integral part of the skating development of local hockey players since 1993. She is a key part of our Golden State Hockey School. Many of her students have gone on to the Prep School, Junior, Collegiate and Professional hockey levels. The technical skills she enhances are what differentiate the average player from the elite.”
- RON GLASOW, Former Head Hockey Coach, San Jose State University

"My brother Viktor and I have been taking skating lessons from Coach Cathy since we moved to California in the early 90s, when my father was a coach for the San Jose Sharks. He saw the impact that Cathy had on our skating and made sure we always worked with her and on her drills when we were skating in a public session. Skating is one of the main ingredients to any successful development for players in the game of hockey. My father believed that and so do I. Having Cathy coach us throughout the years had immensely improved our skating and I use her drills till this day. My brother and I even named a skating drill in Cathys honor called Cathy’s Drill. As a coach I have had Cathy come out to my practices to help my teams out and we have benefited so much from her teachings. As owner of Tikhonov Training Camp I only want the best Power Skating coach in my camps. I am thankful that Coach Cathy has been able to be such a big part of my camps and for all that she has taught my brother and I."
- TATJANA “TIKI” TIKHONOV, Owner of Tikhonov Training Camp

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