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“I know for me skating has always been number one... from learning edge control, stride and glide. Now as a bigger guy it’s something I still work on non-stop. Cathy has been great working with my son also where she can craft him at a young age and make sure he’s doing things the proper way and making it fun... it’s great when you can see improvement right away and the power hour has been great!”
- BRENT BURNS, Carolina Hurricanes All-Star Defenseman and Norris Trophy winner

“The off season is impeccably important for players who want to take responsibility for their own development and for their own careers”
Quote after 2018 training with Coach Cathy

"Extra Hour Hockey Training has helped me tremendously with the recovery for my shoulder surgery and helping to get me back on the ice faster and stronger! Cathy had me on the skating treadmill for 30 mins a day. The treadmill benefited me in so many ways, but I saw the biggest difference in my stride mechanics and my quick starts, which as we all know is important in the game, we all love so much. The treadmill is a necessary tool for all stages of hockey players, from minors to professional.  I owe Cathy and the team at Extra Hour many thanks for everything they have helped me with."
- KEVIN LABANC, San Jose Sharks Player

“I think it’s very important to learn the mechanics of good skating early before it’s too late. And one thing I learned that Cathy is very good at it. She is helping my son to learn how to skate the right way.”
- EVGENI NABOKOV, San Jose Sharks Alumni Goalie and San Jose Barracuda Goalie Coach 

"The importance of supplementing off-ice training with your on-ice training can't be overstated. Growing up, I remember being in my backyard honing my skills by shooting thousands of pucks. The tools at EXTRA HOUR allow you to practice and receive elite coaching; this is invaluable to any hockey player looking to take the next step!"
- SCOTT HANNAN, San Jose Sharks Alumni

“I’ve been skating with Cathy since I was 5 years old, starting at Golden State hockey camp. My dad, a professional coach, recognized the value of working with her and how she could improve my game. Her skating training has helped me get to where I am today, playing in the Kontinental Hockey League.  UPDATE- now retired. Her coaching has been a significant part in my development as a hockey player and I continually review what I have learned from her.”  Viktor was selected 28th overall in the 2008 NHL entry draft.
- VIKTOR TIKHONOV, Grandson of the legendary coach Viktor Tikhonov

“I met Cathy while we were working the same hockey school and was very impressed with her knowledge and expertise as well as her professionalism on the ice. I firmly believe that the foundation of any great hockey player begins with his or her ability to skate. For this reason, when I started my own school, one of my first priorities was to get Cathy on board and have her teach my athletes power skating. She has a complete understanding of the skating stride, is dedicated to her craft, and is the reason many of my athletes continue to come back.”
- ROB ZETTLER, San Jose Sharks Alumni and Tampa Bay Lighting Assistant Coach

“The foundation of hockey, and critical to injury prevention, is mastery of your edges so balance, agility, mobility, and speed can be achieved with proper technique and training. That's what Cathy's Power Hour has been doing in Norcal for over 25 years, and the results speak for themselves. There are hundreds of hockey players, both boys and girls, who have taken their game to the next level because of Cathy's skating techniques and lessons. Cathy's passion and spirit coupled with her ability to teach and connect with her students is second to none.”
- JAMIE BAKER, San Jose Sharks Alumni 

"Skating is the most important function in the game of hockey. Cathy has mastered the fundamentals of using edges, maximizing stride and using proper technique. She has proved time and again that her acumen for teaching will better prepare youths for the challenges of hockey.
- ROY SOMMER, Retired as the most AHL wins as a head coach.

"Midway through my second year in the USHL, my coach and I were reminiscing about a showcase he had seen me at. We talked about how ‘a player with terrible feet but good hands’ had caught his eye from my old club, the Santa Clara Blackhawks. It took about ten seconds for us to realize that player was me. He said my skating had completely changed since then. I got to know Cathy at a camp when I was 10 years old and started working with her personally when I was 15. We worked on everything from my edges, stride mechanics to transitions; Cathy has elevated my skating to the level it needs to be to play Juniors all the way to PRO hockey. When I come back in the off-season, I make it a point to work with her to keep my skating sharp. There's always work to be done with skating no matter what level you're at!"
- ROBBY JACKSON, Slovakia HC Nove Zamky, former AHL 2019-2021, NCAA St. Cloud State University Huskies 2015-2019 and 2013-2014 USHL Rookie of the Year

“It’s been great to take Development to a higher level with Cathy Andrade’s teaching and develop specific off-ice and on-ice training programs to help NHL players improve the skill of skating. Your off-ice training should compliment what you do on the ice in the areas of speed, strength, balance, conditioning and coordination. Cathy provides the players that I work with in the off-season with specific drills that improve weaknesses and strength in single leg positions.”
- MIKE POTENZA,  Golden State Warriors Strength coach & former Director of San Jose Sharks Strengthening & Conditioning Coach

“In my opinion, it is a critical aspect of hockey to be strong on your skates and ‘heads up’ at all times to help prevent or lessen injuries.” 
- RAY TUFTS, San Jose Sharks Head Athletic Trainer

"What is it about figure skating that is so unique? It's the use of edges, it's how we use our body to change direction on the ice. It's something that makes all hockey players go, 'oh'."
- KURT BROWNING, 4-time World Figure Skating Champion 

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